Milos Jovanovic


Video Editor


I have nurtured and developed many skills gained from my 5 years of experience . I am resourceful and creative ,with excellent visual sense. I have good ,clear ,concise Communication skills . I am a team player with the ability to bring out the best in my team and to help them reach their personal and professional goals . I believe my experience and enthusiasm will make me a valuable team member, helping your company to grow.



:- 5 years of experience in Television and Production ,with excellent ability to work as Video Editor and design concepts and opportunities for successful launching and promotion of products. An organised and effective team player,skilled at seeing the big picture and also identifying task to facilitate time management and cost efficient completion. Conducted surveys and research for product development in Video and Audio Editing A confident ,clear and concise communicator,with good presentation skills . A strong leader and team player ,good at adapting to individual needs and style directing and supporting them accordingly to achieve personal and professional goals.




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